Tiny habits, big changes

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January 10, 2021
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February 8, 2021

Everyone is aware of the saying, go big or go home. This according to the author, B.J Fogg, of ‘Tiny Habits’, is not the way to go, and here is why:

In order to intergrate big changes in our lives we have to take the focus away from making massive changes, of exercising everyday, making a healthful meal and being a super star of a Human being, all in one go. For brain health and creating neural pathways that allow you to continue with positive behviour without risking burn-out, you should make small changes, an example Fogg uses in his book, is, if you are planning to start reading more books, start by reading merely one paragraph a day. Now this may seem very small in the grande scheme of things, but once it’s set into your brain, you have no choice other than to read more as time progresses.

These days we place so much pressure on ourselves, nevermind the pressure we recieve from our work, family and overall health and well-being. It’s almost as if we are expected to live this flawless life. Although, we have the abilities to make changes, we soon lose motivation when these changes fall through the carpet, and we feel like somehow we failed. Within Fogg’s book, we read that he says we don’t have to be so hard on ourselves, and that giving some self-love in the morning could lead to major improvements in how we view ourselves and the world around us.

Self-love and acceptance goes a long way when you want to make the tiny habit changes , and this could bridge the gap between what you want to achieve and what you dream about achieving. It’s a tough world out there, no doubt, but making the small changes in our everyday lives could motivate us to achieve big goals and become succesful in life, business and relationships. This may seem like a long shot right now, but it is not and we can do it.

A few points that can help make these small changes in nutrition, movement and self-developement include:

  • Wake up every morning and tell yourself, “I will have a great day today.”
  • Do 5 push-ups before breakfast, or while making coffee.
  • Walk for 15 minutes in nature as you wake.
  • Eat breakfast at the same time every morning.

These are only a few points, as an example of some small changes. Yes, this is how simple it is, but the success of these small changes will be largely determined by your motivation and ability to incorporate these into our daily practises.