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The most comprehensive Neuro Rehabilitation Centre

We provide cutting edge specialized services by highly experienced experts in Neuro and Spine Rehabilitation tailored to patients with Central Nervous System and Spine disorders whom do not require surgery as well as before and after surgical intervention. Our devices range from Physiotherapy Advanced Techniques , Chiropracter Manipulation, Acupuncture of all modalities and the different techniques used in musculoskeletal therapies and ergonomics. We have experienced physiatrists and pain experts. We also provide healthy life approach with classes provided in weight loss, nutrition, exercise programs and healthy life style coaching. All our Neuro Rehabilitation services are administered under the supervision of Neuro Spine Consultant A/Prof. Nabeel S. Alshafai.

Neuro Rehabilitation Consultant

Expert consultant physician specialised in treating bones, muscles, joints, and central/peripheral nervous system that affect a person's ability to function.

Neuro Pain Anaesthesia Consultant

Consultant physicians aiming to control neurologic pain symptoms and use Innovative pain relief options including stem therapy, nerve blocks, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, trigger point and spinal cord stimulator treatments etc.

Chiropractic Doctor

Health care professional expert specialized with the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular and mechanical disorders specially of the spine focusing on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

Neuro Physiotherapist

We provide senior physiotherapists with exclusive experience in the Central Nervous System and the spine using the most advanced and up to date techniques and equipments treating all range of patients and of all age groups.

Healthy Brain and Spine Coach

We aim to provide a healthy life approach not only for sick patients ,but also those who want to live a healthy life and those who want to prevent brain and spine illness. We provide consultations and sessions in weight loss nutrition, exercise programs and lifestyle coaching.

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Clinical Neuropsychology is a specialty field within clinical psychology, dedicated to understanding the relationships between brain and behaviour, particularly as these relationships can be applied to the diagnosis of brain disorder, assessment of cognitive and behavioural functioning and the design of effective treatment.