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Blood and Urine Laboratory

We are keen to offer the quickest and most accurate results for both blood and urine tests related to your neurologic conditions. Our staff will provide blood collection services for all age groups. Including; Haematological, Biochemical, Immuno-histo and other Lab works.


Neurophysiology Laboratory

We are equipped with the latest technologies available for both simple and sophisticated neurophysiological studies. These tests are performed by our highly trained technologists and read by our own Neurology experts in this field for both paediatric and adult patients (Please check our expert professors page).
  • Electro encephalography (EEG)
  • Nerve Conduction Studies - motor and sensory(NCS)
  • Electro Myo Graphy (EMG)
  • Sleep Clinic (Currently not available)
  • neurology

    Neuro Radiology

    We currently collaborate with local Hospitals equipped with the appropriate technologies fitting the standards required by the Nabeel Alshafai Neurospine. The studies are in turn interpreted by our own Neuroradiologists (Please check our visiting professors page).

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    Neuro Pathology

    We send our specimens world wide to the most experienced neuropathologists in the specific sub-speciality in order to reach the most accurate and reliable results.